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Manifest Coaching

Manifest Coaching was created during one of my coaching classes where we were experiencing a visualization exercise. We were visualizing who or what helps us move forward in our lives, to help create the paths we chose to get to our most desired type of life. My visualization led me to an elephant, which is the logo of my company, but is also a symbol of manifestation of dreams to reality. I am manifesting my dreams into reality by helping clients live their lives with a purpose and meaning. My deepest desires are to help my clients narrow in on the core of what is holding them back in life and then see how to overcome those obstacles and finally live the life they used to only imagine. It can happen people…your dreams can become reality with the right coach, tools and techniques!

Situations when a life coach can help…

I am a high-functioning individual who feels held back or stuck in a certain part of my life.

I have done the work on myself in therapy and I am very aware of how different events in my life have affected the way I operate.

I am ready to take my life to the next level, e.g. figure out my life purpose, new career and new relationship.

I am ready and able to take action and want the accountability and support to keep me moving forward.

Professional Life Coach, Potomac, MD
About Lee Tomkin-Stern

I am a Professional Life Coach as well as a Professional Counselor.  I was trained as a Life Coach through Coaches Training Institute and received my M.Ed. in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. I also received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Syracuse University.

With my extensive knowledge of psychology, counseling and now coaching, I offer a unique opportunity to my clients. Although I would especially love to help women going through major life transitions like divorce, I can help anyone shape their future goals in life. I offer advice, tools and resources to help my clients. I try to focus on what has been holding you back and how I can help you reach your future goals. I will help you move forward with a purpose enabling you to reach your goal.

Life Change Coaching, Potomac, MD

Life Changes Coaching

Divorce Coaching, Potomac, MD

Divorce Coaching

Personal Relationshio Coaching, Potomac, MD

Relationship Coaching

Career Coaching, Potomac, MD

Career Coaching


Manifest Life Coach
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